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Battery chargers and power supplies for critical applications

Serie PAP Powerfinn

Located in Salo, southern Finland, Powerfinn develops and manufactures Powerfinn high frequency chargers, of which most are microcomputer controlled. With full control of the manufacturing process, the system solutions are custom made for the customers. Powerfinn’s battery chargers and power supply units are known as universal and with extremely high power output vs size.
Powerfinn PAC 600 and PAC 800 battery chargers use modern switching technology. The intelligent micro-controller extends the life of the battery by supervising the charging process. The charger is compact, lightweight and meets the EU safety and EMC requirements.
General PAC chargers are available for a variety of battery types.

The PAP series (Powerfinn Advanced Power), is provided with battery chargers and power supplies with the following power:
- 800W
- 1600W
- 3200W
- High voltage 0...900V



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