Since 2005, Bamer has been distributing switching power supplies, DC/DC Converters, electrical plugs and sockets, connectors and industrial printers on the Italian market.

Bamer is the main Italian distributor for TDK-Lambda (switching power supplies) and for Custom SpA (industrial printers/kiosks).
It has excellent commercial relations with the prestigious Austrian manufacturer of industrial plugs and sockets PC Electric.
Bamer also distributes other strategic products such as DC-UPS (J. Schneider), DC/AC Inverter / Battery Charger with Enedo for the Oil & Gas sectors, and programmable laboratory power supplies with TDK and DC-Load for the T&M world.
The range is completed by robust HDMI/USB/ETHERNET connectors and automation/safety buttons with APEM/IDEC.

Bamer promotes only technologically advanced brands and products from leading international manufacturers recognized in their sector.
The solid relationships with manufacturers and the constant updating of solutions are a guarantee of excellent quality of supplies and excellent relationships with the technical offices and R&D divisions.

Some awards received by Bamer:
Partner of the Year 2011/2012 for TDK-Lambda
Outstanding performance in 2013/2014 growth for TDK-Lambda
Partner of the Year 2017/2018 for TDK-Lambda
Exceptional performance in 2019/2020 sales, as commented by TDK Japan:
“It is fair to say that our partner is very good at building quality business relationships, improving every day, to the benefit of our joint business. Always service oriented and close relationship with key customers, he brings high technical support and is very active and works closely with us.
We are very happy to present this award to BAMER - Italia"