High Voltage Programmable Power Supplies XP Glassman Series EJ

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Programmable Power Supplies 600W EJ voltage adjustment from 0-1kV up to 0-60kV
  • Power 600 W
  • 0-1 kV through 0-60 kV
  • Air Insulated
  • 1U Rack Mount
  • Low Ripple
  • Tight Regulation
  • Constant Voltage/Constant Current Operation
  • Arc Quench & Arc Count
  • RS232, USB, & Optional Ethernet Control;
  • 3 Year Warranty

The products developed and manufactured by XP Glassman are based on technologies and topologies of conversion from grid alternating voltage to high voltage direct current that allow to offer compact and reliable HV power supplies. These converters have as basic characteristic the use of air as a primary isolation with the related advantages of reduced parasitic capacitance and therefore the possibility of increasing the working frequencies of the PWM. The arc count function control the correct power dissipation on the limiting resistors during electric arcs and short circuits on the load. XP Glassman HV supplies have proprietary PWM converter technology for the main power conversion. In addition this items are easily repairable, light weight and have a tructure incorporating equipotential grading and electrostatic shielding of sensitive components in order to achieve high stability and precision. The forced air cooling allow the correct dissiption for the limiting series resistors.

Suffix product PN:

F22 Required for CE Compliance - AC Input line rated for 198 - 264 VAC, 48 - 63 Hz.One NEMA 6-15 cord provided.

  • NC Blank front panel, power switch and indicator only
  • ZR Zero start interlock. Voltage control, local or remote, must be at zero before the HV will enable
  • 5VC 0-5 V voltage and current program/monitor
  • ARC Arc count and quench as described in the specifications for 1 - 6 kV models
  • AC Arc Count Only
  • AQ Arc Quench Only
  • ETH Virtual RS-232 COM port over Ethernet network. (Requires compatible OS (eg Windows) for COM drivers)
Positive Polarity Negative Polarity Reversible Polarity Output Voltage Output Current Max Stored Energy Output Cable
/ / EJ1R600 0–1kV 0-600mA 0.06J RG-58U
/ / EJ1.5R400 0–1.5kV 0-400mA 0.1J RG-58U
/ / EJ2R300 0–2kV 0-300mA 0.1J RG-58U
/ / EJ3R200 0–3kV 0-200mA 0.2J RG-58U
/ / EJ5R120 0–5kV 0-120mA 1.2J RG-58U
/ / EJ6R100 0–6kV 0-100mA 1.6J RG-58U
EJ8P75 EJ8N75 EJ8R75 0–8kV 0-75mA 0.9J RG-8U
EJ10P60 EJ10N60 EJ10R60 0–10kV 0-60mA 1.1J RG-8U
EJ12P50 EJ12N50 EJ12R50 0–12kV 0-50mA 1.6J RG-8U
EJ15P40 EJ15N40 EJ15R40 0–15kV 0-40mA 1.7J RG-8U
EJ20P30 EJ20N30 EJ20R30 0–20kV 0-30mA 1.9J RG-8U
EJ25P24 EJ25N24 EJ25R24 0–25kV 0-24mA 1.4J RG-8U
EJ30P20 EJ30N20 EJ30R20 0–30kV 0-20mA 2.0J RG-8U
EJ40P15 EJ40N15 EJ40R15 0–40kV 0-15mA 2.7J RG-8U
EJ50P12 EJ50N12 EJ50R12 0–50kV 0-12mA 3.4J RG-8U
EJ60P10 EJ60N10 EJ60R10 0–60kV 0-10mA 4.0J RG-8U

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